Mayor of Gambier

Leeman Kessler has been Mayor of Gambier since 2020 after having served as a member of Council since 2018. Leeman’s goals for the village are to harness Gambier’s global reputation as a premier destination for students, educators, workers, businesses, and adventurers from across the world to attract talented residents and visitors and increase the quality of life for everyone who comes to this hilltop.

As mayor, Leeman has worked to make Gambier a diverse, safe, affordable, and beautiful place to work, live, teach, and study in.

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Village of Gambier

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Mayor Kessler in the news:

Celebrating Gambier’s 150th year of incorporation

Passing non-discrimination ordinance
Addressing national violence and racism

2020 MLK Breakfast address

2021 MLK Breakfast address

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