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Leeman has been recording podcasts and audio fiction for years now and his work can be found here. Moonbase Theta, Out is his most well-known work where he plays the moon-stranded Roger. He is also surprisingly and flatteringly featured on The Adventure Zone

Voice Acting Reel

Video Games

Marvel Move X-Men – Nimrod


Available at Audible




Heroic Fantasy Quarterly


Moonbase Theta, Out

Miskatonic Musing

Geekually Yoked

Guest Starring

Unwell and Unwell

Guillermo del Toro’s Mountain of Madness table read

A Voice From the Dark

Ninth World Journal

Essence of Azeroth

Hello From the Hallowoods

Another Path D&D Podcast


Carcosa board game

Microbrew board game

Choose Cthulhu from Steve Jackson Games

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